Morning Routines and fitting in a healthy breakfast with BelVita

This week I have been taking part in a BelVita Breakfast challenge to help me find more energy and today I am making sure I will always have time for a healthy start to the day.

How do your morning routines go? Are you flat chat trying to get out of the house? Do you head for the car then go back for the excursion slip you were going to sign last night, discover you don’t have the right change, then about turn to check if you turned off the iron, grab your phone you left on the charger and sit down in the car, engine poised ready to go, then smell that distinct smell that ensures another 5 minute delay as you unstrap the baby, race inside again and return with fresh baby bottom via the laundry to quickly put the washing on so it will be ready for you to hang out on your return?

Amongst all that, somewhere you were supposed to fit in a good healthy and hearty breakfast to keep your energy levels high enough to last you through the mornings activities. That is often one of the first things that is sacrificed by busy parents as they try to marshal the troops. And unfortunately it is the most important  meal of the day.

I myself  find it pretty hard to function without something in my stomach so I nearly always manage to scoff something down.  But this week I have certainly found that it really doesnt take that long to eat something decent to ensure you have the fuel for the day ahead.

Having access to BelVita breakfast biscuits is a great alternative for those who are time poor in the mornings. The biscuits come already prepackaged in 4 biscuit servings which is the recommended number of biscuits, which when eaten with a serving of fruit and a serving of dairy, will provide a slow release of energy to keep you going until lunch.

For those that race off to work before sitting down to breakfast, only to arrive with coffee in hand, the hunger pains would usually start an hour later. A trip to the vending machine would result in a quick less than nutritious snack. Well that is how it was for me all those many moons ago when I did 9-5 office work! These biscuits would have been really handy back then too. Grabbing a packet of biscuits, a tub of yoghurt and a banana as you walked out the door would ensure a solid start to any day.

Skipping breakfast we now know results in weight gain for the majority, not to mention a decrease in cognitive function, lack of patience and irritability.  We are usually very good at ensuring our children start the day with a good breakfast, but too often think that leaves us with to time for ourselves.

Well as far as my challenge is going, it has been a few days now and I have eaten the 4 biscuits everyday with a piece of fruit and a serving of dairy. I have not felt the need to snack at all and in fact havn’t even had a tea or coffee in between my breakfast and lunch. Usually my stomach would be well and truly rumbling by 1 o’clock, but it seemed to cope just fine.

And I still had the energy to sufficiently run (and jump) around after 5 kids on school holidays!




And just as I have found time to fit in a good breakfast I will also always find time to fit in my morning walk….which is even easier when you are on holidays and this is your view!

So there really is no excuse for not having a healthy start to the day, whether you have time to sit down and slowly start the day with breakfast and a read of the morning papers, or whether you are grabbing a couple of items as you walk out the door to eat on the go.

How do your mornings go? Could your time management improve to ensure a less stressful start to the day?

This is a sponsored post, however all views are my own and I am only required to give an honest opinion.

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  1. Collett Smart

    Excellent advice Martine. I am a stickler when it comes to kids eating breakfast. But – then we forget about us busy mums too!

  2. Heidi

    These sound yummy going to put them on my shopping list for next week! I only wish I could fit some exercise in over the school holidays a husband leaving in the dark and getting home in the dark plus 3 chn 24/7 = no time for me to get out:( I did try a run at 7pm this week but as I run all I could think of was Jill Meagher….. so quickly turned around and headed to the safety of home!

    1. Martine

      And I think you forgot about studying hard as well! Good on you for getting the runners out though!

  3. Rochelle

    So Martine, what is your view on the fact these biscuits are 25% sugar?

    1. Martine

      I guess like most of our cereals they tend to be higher in sugar than other choices, but being low in saturated fats and low GI still makes it a good alternative for me. The idea is to be eating something for breakfast rather than nothing and these are a convenient way to get a good start to the day.

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