Nude food containers, odd socks and a giveaway

Please tell me I am not the only one who has got to the halfway mark of the year with substantially fewer lunchboxes, drinkbottles, plastic containers and the like? (and I wont even start with the hoodies and jumpers ) Each week my kids remind me of the need for nude food containers to do our part for mother earth.  That would be great if I managed to fill the lunchboxes with home baked goods every week rather than tip the biscuits out of the paper bags and empty them into a plastic container. But I digress. The point is I need lots of containers, they go missing all the time, possibly running away and taking with it a sock from each child’s drawer of nicely bundled together pairs. So as the year goes on the plastic container drawer dwindles in size whilst the odd socks in the washing basket grow at a frenetic pace.


So if you are like us and I am presuming hoping that you are, then it could be time to restock. You can check out the website for all your nude food containers, backpacks, drink bottles etc and they have kindly offered to all readers of The Modern Parent a 50% discount on the Nude Food Movers Rubbish Free Lunch Box. Just enter this code at the checkout: MID128306F

And if you want to win a rubbish free lunch box and cool skin pictures below (valued at $26.95) , then please leave a comment below telling me the items that seem to go missing in your household. Sorry only for Australian readers. Oh and don’t forget to go over and like The Modern Parent Facebook Page



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  1. Nerida

    I am sure that dryer lint is made up of socks that match the ones in my odd sock basket. And why do I have a cupboard full of containers and lids that never match up?

  2. Allison Clark

    I have restocked ANOTHER ten pairs of socks for all three of my kids – what the heck do they do with them?? School hats also seem to grow legs in this house, however it is amazing how much better they are looked after when I’ve advised that I will purchase only one hat per year – after that it is paid by the child out of pocket money or birthday money! Newfound respect for hat! Have implemented same principle for the socks!

  3. jode

    thank God I’m not the only one! Homework goes missing in my house, so too the choc biscuits. I swear I bought a pack (as a special treat) only last night, and they are nowhere to be found early this morning. I’m not sure if I should blame the husband, the teenager, the boys or the preschooler who knows how to climb up in the pantry to the highest shelf !
    The best tip I know for the missing socks, is to only ever buy the same kind/colour so that when one of each pair goes missing, you still have a matching pair. I always buy the ones with the size printed on the bottom so I can figure out who it belongs to!

  4. Angela

    I guess every mom will be able to relate to those missing containers and of the other socks. Hence, we cannot really say that we will follow the earth-friendly steps religiously.

    On the other hand, thanks for the code!

  5. Bron

    We have had some of these lunchboxes but they’re lost or broken and we could definitely do with some more!

  6. Kim maxwell

    Haur brushes are a big one for getting lost in our house, followed closely by hairbands, we have a lot of bad hair days in our house.


    Lunchboxes! I think they eat them along with their Lunch! I have lost four Lunchboxes so far this year!

  8. Michelle V

    As a result of my two-year-old’s ‘exploring’ stage, we tend to be missing alot of dvd’s and household objects. For example, I lifted the lid of the toilet only to fins she decided to ‘decorate’ it with a handful of unopened Band-Aids (which mummy had to fish out, of course!) Also, I’ve had a wafer biscuit in the dvd player, a pencil in my shoe (Ouch!), and heaps of dvd cases with no dvd’s in them. Who knows where they go??!!

  9. I have a cupboard full of containers without lids. Drives me crazy when I do a big cook up of spag sauce or casserole and go to fill up containers for the freezer and there’s no lids. Where do they go?

    My 3.5 yo is always losing socks and undies at school. I’m sure they have a massive pile of little kids underwear down there somewhere. But do I really want to go fishing through it to look for Ned’s stuff? No thanks.

  10. Cate

    In our house it’s pegs that go AWOL! My 16 month son is forever hiding them, so that there’s not enough to hang the washing.

  11. Melissa Okimoto

    Socks are a huge problem in our house, we have a big basket full of odd socks. We also have a dog that likes to steal the socks too

  12. melanie w

    Lids to containers, socks and drink bottles
    buttons, books not to mention every hair bobble!

  13. Katrina Hill

    In our house I loose PENS Constantly! even the one that is only used by me coz no one else knows where it is :S. and Sock, especially in winter, when my little man wears a pair to bed every night! I also have bits and pieces from my pantry go missing, and turn up in my 2.5yr olds draw. midnight snack of pasta sauce anyone?

  14. yvette

    one child shoe, every odd sock, window lock keys, phone chargers, brushes, hair lackies, and my TimTams stashed in the back of the baking cupboard.. *though I think someone else might know their lil secret spot*

  15. Melanie M

    My curious toddler also likes to explore! She went through a rubbish bin phase a few months back, and during that time we lost lots of things including half of my sons Mighty Bean collection and an iPod. 2 things that drive me nuts that are always never where I want them are hair ties and teaspoons. We have so many of them, where are they all?? Are they all hiding somewhere with the pens and single socks, laughing at me as I dash around the house searching??

  16. Kimberley Belford

    Pens!!!! Why is it that everytime I’m on the phone and they say do you have a pen and paper , always find a scrap piece of paper but OMG wheres the Pens??????
    Im sure there is a lil monster that eats them hehehehe
    And the other times I find a pen but it doesnt work !!! What the – everytime lol

  17. Mary Preston

    Lids are the item that go missing the most. If I do find a lid, I can’t find the container.

    We are okay with socks, though I have found the odd one down in the park (I mark all our socks with names). The currawongs & crows un-peg them off the line. That was one mystery solved.

  18. Alannah Shore (luvbooks)

    I am pleased we are not the only family that can’t find matching socks for school. I laughed when my son wore a ‘pair’ yesterday that only matched in colour, not size….as he is the 4th child, he will be fine! smiles and thanks for a chance to win this great prize. DD has been wanting one all year and I haven’t been able to justify the cost.

  19. Lisa

    In our household the lids of containers are forever going missing. Its ridiculously frustrating!

    Socks are terrible to pair up – its one of the jobs my husband has and honestly, he’s just terrible at it! I just want to throw out all his socks and buy him 15 pairs of the same socks so that they are easier to pair up!!

    The other thing that goes missing a lot is drink bottles! We seem to leave them everywhere we go and can never find them! I’m forever buying new ones!

  20. Toilet paper and liquid hand soap! It feels like I’m always buying these two items! I guess we consume A LOT, so we are always running short.

  21. carmen

    Tupperware lids… and shampoo! Anyone would think there were a heap of us in the household. *roll eyes* Oh wait… 😉

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