Playing with lego, Formula 1 cars and a giveaway

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I think I would have to say playing with lego is one of the few ‘kids toys’ I actually really enjoy. And I have been known to play with it without any kid in sight. My husband used to come home and see me playing with lego and comment “I guess its been a hard day”….not because I was playing but more so because he knows I find it quite therapeutic.


Last week I was invited by the Digital Parents Collective to attend a pretty cool event put together by Shell, Lego and Ferrari. Now car racing is actually not really my thing but I must say being surrounded by international and local press all vying for the attention of a couple of Italians in catsuits was a fun way to spend a Thursday afternoon. I won’t tell you about the slightly embarrassing bloggers up the back searching our invites just to remember the names of the said Formula 1 racing car drivers. Like I said, car racing isn’t really my thing.

What I was impressed with however, was the unveiling of the replica Formula 1 Ferrari made out of over 200,000 lego bricks. I also got to have a sit in it. No wonder they need catsuits, there isn’t a lot of room for any overhang in those things! I did learn however that Formula 1 drivers lose about 3kg every race due to high G-forces and temperatures so maybe that all helps!  I also got  to meet Ryan Mcnaught AKA ‘The Brickman’, one of only 13 official lego builders in the world! What a cool job! Wow, imagine building something with 2000000 bricks. I asked if he did what I do sometimes which is think I am a bit smartypants for the instructions and go ahead only to discover I have missed a vital brick in the engineering and have to start all over again? As every piece is stuck with glue however, the only way he can fix a mistake is with a hammer and chisel…so he is a little more careful with the construction. I was also impressed with the fact that every lego brick in the Ferrari car is available with your standard lego sets. No custom made bricks at all. So no excuses for not whipping up something similar at home!

The Brickman shares his knowledge
Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa with the Shell Lego Ferrari


Me playing in the replica Ferrari


So Shell, Lego and Ferrari got together and decided to release a limited edition set of 6 replica Formula One cars available for only 6 weeks. You can purchase them from any Coles Shell Petrol Station for $6 with a $40 purchase of V-Power fuel or $8 without. Starting from Monday 18th March until the 8th May you can get a different car each week. And I do believe that some of them have become collectors items in Europe as they became difficult to come by. So head to Shell for your first replica lego car….or alternately leave a comment below on my blog and you can win a whole set! And I have 2 sets to give away.


The ferrari 150 Italia Shell Lego

To win, just leave a comment below telling me anything at all about your experience with lego…are those in your family a ‘strictly by the instruction’s type, or a ‘make a creation of their own’ type? Do they destroy straight away or leave on display? Or what about Formula 1 racing? Is it something your family enjoys?

Here’s a few pics of what you could win, and some proof of my kids enjoying the construction! And on completion we also discovered they have little propulsion thingys that make them go fast, hence we have had lots of races of our own!

Deep in concentration



So remember to leave a comment for a chance to win the lego and car lovers in your house a full set of replica cars.

Competition open to Australian residents only and closes 5pm aest, Tuesday 26th March, 2013.


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This Post Has 49 Comments

  1. Raechel

    By far the best gift I have ever given my 5yo son is a tub full of my childhood Lego. Thankfully my mum kept it until I had children of my own…her gift to me.

  2. kerry santillo

    Lego in our house gets used daily!! we build leave till the next day, and build a gain, its so much fun and the whole family can join in 🙂

  3. Monique

    I just found your site via parentingwithkids. Have been enjoying your archives. My son was just making a stop motion movie with his Legos today!

  4. Kim m

    I got a Lego house for my birthday once, I loved it and kept all the pieces and instructions perfect, it has been quite an eye opener to see my kids enjoy Lego in a whole other, more “organic” way!

  5. Cate

    Some of our more complicated Lego creations have been on display for months- such pride being taken in the ‘family effort’ to build! Most though are our own creations and are pulled apart and built with again the next day.
    As for the Formula Ones- my husband has been going each year to the Austrlian Grand Prix for 20 years and our son is following in his footsteps.
    To combine our love of both Lego and the Formula Ones we are planning on going to Malysia to LegoLand and the Singapore Grand Prix. Aaahh what excitement!

  6. Michelle V

    I hate to admit it, but we are actually a Lego-free house.
    I’m not sure how that has happened. maybe because I have 3 daughters instead of sons?
    But they all do love Lego. Whenever we visit their cousins, that’s the first thing they choose from the toy box.
    I think Santa will have to bring them some this year.
    Or if we win this, it would be a wonderful beginning of hours of play!
    Thankyou for the opportunity

  7. Lydia C. Lee

    I LOVE lego – the kids got my lego (a huge tub) 30 years later for xmas one year, still perfect! As for formula one, I have a piece of a Liger car that almost hit me in Monaco 20 years ago. You could say I LOVE F1 too….was very happy for Kimmi on the weekend, and glad the season is back on…bring on Malaysia!

  8. S Armstrong

    My little one loves destroying my towers just after I have built them and my eldest builds and admires. Musn’t touch after it’s completed

  9. Aroha @ Colours of Sunset

    My husband is a massive lego fan, and as a result Nick has had to be one, too. They sit down and make things from scratch, or figure it out as they go. I am strictly a “by the book” lego builder. I find it therapeutic too. My son has a few boats that he plays with in the tub. One day while hubby and Nick were out, I decided I’d put the 3 of them back together. Even following the instructions I got part of the big fire boat wrong! We’ve lost a few little pieces down the bath tub drain, too. Hubby got on eBay and found replacements. Lego is a big deal in this house! Lego land is on our list of places to visit as soon as we can! Looks like a great day out!

  10. iSophie

    I am a lego nazi. I have 4 boys. I have to be! One likes to destroy immediately.. or not even finish building (he builds the ‘fun’ bits). One is very meticulous and treasures every lego he owns, to the point of obsession actually. 4 year old is somewhere in between. 2 year old loves to put lego men in his trucks and cars, before dismembering them.

    I go around after them trying to re-sort each set. I have been know to spend days looking for pieces to complete a previously built and destroyed set. I use the back of the instructions to see what pieces are in it, and then search through 10kg of lego trying to find them all.

  11. Lidya Y

    My family loves LEGO.

    My husband: When he was small, he liked to build it and destroy it – he said that’s the fun part of building LEGO! Nowadays, he buys LEGO to collect and to pass down to our son. He’s too young to play LEGO, so we give him MegaBloks.

    Me: When I was small, we only had a handful of LEGO bricks as we were too poor to buy these and these belong to my brother. We would fight over it as we both wanted to play LEGO but there just wasn’t enough to share and we had different things in mind to work together. Now that I’m an adult and I can afford to buy LEGO (in moderation), I buy it once in a while when I have spare change. I like to build LEGO and take photos of it, usually with some minifigures or figurines to make a ‘comic’ and storyline. I call myself a “toy photographer” as that is what I enjoy doing and the main reason why I like LEGO (as an adult). I can build whatever I want with these bricks.

  12. Loz

    I heart lego. Less so, when I stand on it.. then I may release a tirade of profanities. When it’s not causing mayhem on my delicate tootsies, my daughter is a huge fan of building and making all sorts of creations. I get the therapeutic nature of it, better than playdoh because my inner virgo hates it when the colours mix..

  13. Karen

    Not only my toddler, but also my husband are huge fans of both Lego and cars!! My hubs can’t wait for the boy to be old enough to really play with Lego!! Then he will have an excuse. X Kare

  14. Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions

    I can’t wait till my daughter is old enough to get some Lego and start playing, I loved it as a kid. I also loved the formula 1 as my Dad is a car and racing junkie and I remember many Saturday afternoon’s fallin asleep to the sound of engines revving, the commentators voices and the formula 1 card whizzing around the track. My husband is a massive Lego fan too and would love these!

  15. Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions

    I can’t wait till my daughter is old enough to get some Lego and start playing, I loved it as a kid. I also loved the formula 1 as my Dad is a car and racing junkie and I remember many Saturday afternoon’s fallin asleep to the sound of engines revving, the commentators voices and the formula 1 card whizzing around the track. My husband is a massive Lego fan too and would love these!

    #teamIBOT was here!

  16. Kirsten

    We are a house moving from Duplo into Lego and totally obsessed with “race cars”. Husband and Uncle Jezz are beyond excited about the prospect and are definite follow the instructions builders.

    I can just see myself stepping on pieces of Lego for years to come!!

  17. Enid Bite'Em

    I think my hubby and my 5-y-o boy were cut from the same ‘brick’ – they make the models, then pull them apart to make original works (an ‘applecopter’ is the latest) and the unused bricks are colour-coded, then sorted into size, and then type. I picked up a random brick once and my 5-y-o asked anxiously if I was going to use the “structions. They’re pretty good, you know.”

  18. Shannon

    I just love to build stuff!

  19. Silvana

    We have a variety of lego lovers in this house. My eldest son puts all lego kits on display EVERYWHERE and takes photos. They can never be touched by his younger brothers, and are played with only when aforementioned brothers are out of sight. My middle son is our creative one who cannot be bothered with instructions and makes everything that Lego hasn’t yet come up with in kit form. Seeing they share a room, this is quite an interesting dilemna having a neat, plays by the rules including lego instructions versus our creative free spirit! My toddler son refuses to play with Duplo as though he is offended by the idea, and enjoys toting ‘De Man’ as his he calls all the little lego minifigures. Whilst his brothers are at school he is keenly going thru the lego box wanting to create something they can gush over when they get home!

  20. Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    I am the main Lego builder in my house – I love it when the kids get new sets for Xmas or birthdays so I can ‘help’ them with construction! Actually I am looking forward to my son’s birthday party this weekend as I’m pretty sure he’s going to get some as presents – looks like my weekend is set!

  21. Josefa @always Josefa

    What an incredible car! such a great experience to be part of – perks of blogging?!
    Lego is like oxygen in our house, check out my latest blog post as testament to that – my son would love the little Lego cars – they would take pride of place with all his other creations (unless his little brother destroys them and we have to start all over again!)

  22. jody jamieson

    well Lego in our house is a big thing my older son 10 just loves it and cant wait to build it and put it on a shelf for display he has built the helicopter which is still erect in his room he is building the ninja go sets we got him for Christmas his little brother on the other hand likes to steal it and hide it as he is not allowed to play with the built models we have nearly all the star wars sets as he loved the movies and went mad for the Lego he started his love with a present of a bike in a box he put it together we were shocked the more we brought the more he built now he wants to go to Lego world in the USA. now we are starting my younger sons love for Lego its so good when there together and building and playing and its memories for them to

  23. Elise Ellabban

    Lego is one of the toys that my daughter and I share a huge love of. We have a cupboard full of Harry Potter sets that occupy us sometimes for weeks. During the Christmas school holidays, we’ll pull it all out, and spend a chunk of each day when the babies are sleeping constructing our magical world. Over the years we’ve started to deviate from the original castle and construction, as we love to create more secret passages and hidden goodies over and above what the sets were designed for. We spend hours on it together, and so much is in silence, but then there will be chatter and giggles as we wander through our favourite stories verbally and with the little characters in our set. I love that Lego is something we enjoy together, and given my bubba’s love of Duplo I have no doubt I will be introducing more Ellabbans to intricate Lego building soon!

  24. Rachel

    My three boys are all Mad lego fans! They used to make and destroy straight away but the older ones now construct and then move to a high shelf so the youngest (aged 5) can’t get hold of it and “accidentally” wreck it! They have a couple of lego racing cars in pride of place too 🙂

  25. rhian @melbs

    My little one is only 2 but is starting to get into lego now. I loved it when I was little. Those lego replica cars are amazing.

  26. April Jane

    I have a two lego fanatics in my home, who are both car lovers. The enjoyment they would receive and the hours they would be quite putting together their formula 1 lego cars…..the quietness 🙂 making mummy stress free and the children happy 🙂

  27. Karina W

    I loved Lego. My only gripe was when the super thin wafer pieces got stuck together and I had to pry them apart with my nails!

  28. Ariel

    We tend to create whatever was the originally intended item first. Then we utalize our previous lego creations to create interesting hybrids; which is particularly fun when you’re mixing film franchises.

  29. Narelle Rock

    all 4 of my kids have their own boxes of LEGO,, but watch out when someone finds their pieces in someone elses, it’s world war 3! My best memory is when the kids made their Dad a Happy Birthday sign made from LEGO a few years ago, it was amazing!



  31. Ros McFarlane

    Lego. Such a great gift. All children love to sit and play with lego and use their imagination to create a master piece. Doesn’t matter how old you are.

  32. Lady Tiffany

    Through generation to generation Lego has supported our family since it was released….the hours of pleasure and imagination is a plus in our home…

  33. Stacey Shailer

    In this family, it’s a case of ‘Mummy builds it, the kids destroy it’ with Lego creations…and I always pack it away when the kids have finished playing with it, as it would have to be one of the most painful things to stand on in the middle of the night!

  34. Ophelia

    Don’t know who’d enjoy this more, the kids or their Dad!

  35. Jasmine

    We make up our own creations. We always try to make the biggest and highest designs ever. I usually like to watch because I don’t want to break another (finger)nail

  36. Barbara

    I love Lego – endless hours of entertainment.
    Although, I hate stepping on them barefoot because it hurts like h3ll

  37. Beck Andrew

    We like the best of both world in this house!
    My son has 3 tubs of mixed lego for free play but has some sets all made up and on display on shelves, a lego mad boy thats for sure! Ironically he is car mad and was upset he couldn’t accompany his dad to the F1’s in Melbourne!

  38. Pam

    I recently found a photo of my dad and I playing with Lego on a family holiday when I was about 4. In front of us on the table is a perfectly constructed house next to a proudly smiling father 😉 This was 35 years ago – gotta love Lego!!! Looking forward to building with my daughters, eldest would love to win this, she is very into cars at the moment. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  39. Karlene

    We have a 4th bedroom that used to be the spare room for guests. “Yeah, have a few drinks and crash the night at our place” I’d chant.
    Now it’s The Lego Room.
    I can’t access the bed. I guess I could tippy toe between the piles of different coloured blocks scattered all over the floor? I don’t bother. I just push the pieces in the door way back when guests come over these days and shut the door.
    We don’t have the Formula 1 cars and would love to add them to the collection pretty please.

  40. Renee Ballantyne

    Wow great prize, something for every member of the house hold!

  41. Gayle

    Lego brings my girl and boy together… she loves building houses and he loves building
    ‘transformers and rockets to the moon….’ I love how every tiny block fills and stretches their imaginations.

  42. Terri

    My oldest is lego and formula one crazy, I’ll walk into a room to find her, my husband and youngest all sitting on the floor building cars, or anything else they can think of.
    My experience of lego is the excrutiating pain of standing on it with bare feet after it’s been left on the floor.

  43. Tina

    If my son comes shopping with me he has to get Lego every time. His collection is slowly taking over the house.

  44. Jessie Hay

    We’re not really into F1 but my little boys love lego and playing with their cars. They love making up the models in the lego sets with the instructions but they are quickly changed and made into new creations- I love the creativity that Lego encourages 🙂

  45. melanie w

    we love lego both following the instructions and imaginative play keeps the kids entertained for hours!

  46. Alison

    As a child all i wanted was Lego, but my mum came to a point where she said “enough was enough” as we had so much that our rooms were filled. My children have Lego in their blood now and love the challengers of each set. We would just love to win this prize.
    Thank you for the chance.

  47. Angie Boylan

    eEEK I hope I am not too late…. my sons are the hugest LEGO fans out there – but I have never seen these cars before , they look awesome!

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