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Quotes for The Modern Parent

These parenting quotes may be for the ‘Modern Parent’, but there is nothing new about many of the sentiments.

As parents it is our role to protect, nurture, provide, to teach, guide and support. Most times this takes a lot of work, it requires taking the time to learn, to understand and ultimately to work hard to adapt to the challenges of raising another human being……or 5.

raising kids

Sometimes however, we need to take a breath, relax a little and bring it back to basics. To try and remember to trust in ourselves, in our instincts and cut ourselves some slack. But we also need to remember that our children need us to make an effort to understand their world, to be present and aware and to make our connection and communication with them, a priority.

Here are some of my favourite quotes for the modern parent….


diagnosing kids

All of our children are precious and unique and have their own many and varied talents, quirks, strengths and weaknesses. Yes labels can be necessary sometimes, but I really do think we are way too quick to diagnose, prescribe and label our kids

childhood play


Sometimes we forget the importance of playing. Our kids still love to run and jump and play outside, and we just have to keep providing them all the opportunities.


active listening

Listening to our kids is one of the very greatest skills I think parents need to have and use. And there is a big difference between hearing what they are saying and really actively listening in order to understand what hey need.

stress less

I know there is always stuff we have to do….but sometimes we need to ‘stress less’ and do the things we want to do. And whilst we are on that, here are 10 things I no longer stress about when it comes to parenting.

And when all else fails, who else should we ever turn to but the ever so wise Anne Shirley to remind us that “tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it”

Anne Shirley


Do you have a favourite quote about parenting? 

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