Recording the Memories

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt for us to remember to take some time out to focus on the little things.  We spend so much time planning for the futures of our children and for the greater plans for ourselves, that it is very easy for us not to live in the moment and take stock of what is going on right now. Whilst I was waiting to give birth last week I came across another gorgeous idea from Naomi from Seven Cherubs about the the importance of “cherishing our cherubs” and taking the time to note down or photograph the little things that will one day become the big things we look back on and cherish about our children. You may remember The Happiness Project which required us to write down a simple sentence each day for a month about something that made us happy that day. This was a great way for us to come up with a positive thought to finish the day. With this idea Naomi has asked for people to link back to her blog with some snippets of the day to day life of our children, to record the things we may take for granted now but may forget  in the years to come. So as I had time to ponder from my hospital bed and with my iphone at hand ready to jot down some notes and take some pics,  I decided to note down some of the little things, the sayings, the moments and give myself some memories of this very special time. Here are a few of them, and I hope that you too are able to do something similiar. If there is something I have learnt from my first 4 boys,  it is that time goes way too fast and we do forget so many of the little things they do, the things they say, the looks they give, the things they like and the thoughts they have. This is what I wrote at 2am the morning after giving birth to my 5th beautiful son:  ‘I am so in love with you already. Despite being exceptionally tiresI am more keen to stay awake to watch you breathe. I love that all your brothers were here to meet you and got to cuddle you straight away. Welcome to the world my precious little man.’ My 9 year old 2 days after giving birth: “How are you mum?” … “I’m fine thanks darling”… “No, I mean how are you really mum? You have had surgery and a pretty big couple of days?”……he’s my Mr sensitive! My 2 year olds reaction to his new brother: Watching my 2 year old with his new little brother has been amazing. We were a little concerned that his current standing of  the “cute baby” may leave him a little jealous, but he couldnt have been more proud. The way he sat up on the bed, asked for a “cuddle” and proceeded to know exactly what to do as he showered his brother with kisses was a gorgeous sight. The homecoming from my 8 year old: sometimes the strength of the cuddle says a thousand words. My 11 year old on turning up to the hospital on his way home from school camp, where obviously a little lesson in reproduction and the human body was included in a visit to the museum:  “So I found out the ingredients on how to have a baby”….”Please tell me there is another way”….”That is the grossest thing ever!” So just a couple of snippets from the past week. Whilst not every week will be as monumental as that, the idea remains the same. So jot down anything funny your child says, take photos of them now, how they are today, write down their favourite song, tv show or food and help create some memories to cherish. Record their lives as they are today.

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  1. Posie Patchwork

    Congratulations on your new baby, 5 boys, that is a whole lot of fun!! I love being a housewife, listening to them in the car, just being there when they want to talk, it’s fascinating what they come up with. I’m sure your eldest son’s opinion on sex will change eventually, my eldest 3 have done sex education at school & all said the same, ‘it’s pretty gross’ & i’m glad they are open to chatting about it. I hope this continues well into their teens. Love Posie

    1. Martine

      Thanks Posie. Yes we did try to tell him his opinions would change but he wasn’t so convinced! But yes lets hope they stay open in their communication 🙂

  2. Alex aka Whoa Mumma

    I love reading about your boys welcoming their new little brother. I’m expecting baby number 5 in January and I can’t wait for the older children to meet him or her.

    My 12 year old had sex education at school two weeks ago and she agreed that it’s all pretty gross too LOL.

    1. Martine

      Fantastic, congratulations on baby number 5, it is so lovely watching the older ones with their baby siblings.

  3. Laney @ Crash Test Mummy

    It’s an exciting time for you to be ‘cherishing your cherubs’! All five of them – wow! Still giggling at “please tell me there’s another way”
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Martine

      Thanks, it has been a very exciting time….i just hope i can continue to record the little things even when the big things aren’t happening!

  4. Melissa

    Congratulations on Baby 5~ I’m insanely jealous.

    That comment from Mr 11 just cracked me up! Please tell me there’s another way….hehe

    1. Martine

      Thanks Melissa, and yes we have had plenty of laughs from his comment, i only wish we had recorded the facial expressions too.

  5. Photographer Mum

    Wow! 5 Boys – I am in awe. What a nice mix of responses to the birth of your baby.
    I am visiting from hopping around on Naomi’s blog. 🙂

    1. Martine

      Thanks for visiting, and yes it just shows how very different they can all be!

  6. Sif

    Martine, this post made me teary (sensitive 9 year old) and laugh out loud (disgusted 11 year old) and just a teensy little bit clucky wanting to try for boy no.5 (that’d be the newborn!). What lovely snippets!

    1. Martine

      Thanks! Teary, laughing and clucky…..a newborn will do it every time!

  7. Yeran

    A big congratulations on the birth of your 5th beautiful boy Martine!!!
    And what amazing brothers he has! I just love the way your 9 year old was really concerned with your wellbeing, he certainly will be a good catch for the ladies when he’s older!

    1. Martine

      Yes he will be a great catch!

  8. nellbe

    Congrats on the arrival of your 5th baby boy. The older boys sound like they are all amazing brothers and I don’t know if you saw but your little one gave my little one a cuddle at the Kelloggs event when we left, what a caring little man. 🙂

    1. Martine

      Yes I did see….too cute!

  9. Kellie

    Big congratulations! How wonderful. I love how sensitive your 9-year-old is. What a sweetie!
    I’m enjoying reading all these posts about boys – it’s such a great insight for a mum to two princesses!

    1. Martine

      Thanks Kellie, and i loved reading about your little princesses too!

    1. Martine

      thanks Kellie….certainly the most proud!

  10. Naomi Ellis

    Wow! you are amazing lady. I cannot believe that you found the time to participate in this project – but then again you were probably bored out of your brain in that hospital bed. A big congratulations on the birth of your cherub and I so love the pictures. Love the comments shared and it gives a great insight into how wonderful your boys are and also what a lovely mother you are. So hoping I can meet this cherub one day and love that you were able to take part. You amaze me. N x

    1. Martine

      Thankyou Naomi, and way too kind. I am thinking you are pretty amazing to get anything done with 7 little cherubs! X

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