Remembering Ava

Last week I linked up with Naomi from Seven Cherubs for her series on “Cherishing the Cherubs” and we looked at Recording aspects of our childrens lives to help us remember the little things as well as the big things.

Today the title for the link up is simply Remembering.

And today and every day I  remember my precious daughter Ava.

                                                             17/10/2007 – 1/3/2008

I remember her beautiful smile. I remember her bravery. I remember that I am a better mum for having had her in my life.

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This Post Has 19 Comments

  1. Aww Martine. She’s so beautiful. My heart hurts a little from just looking at her smiling eyes.
    Thanks for sharing her with us x

  2. Beautiful girl, loved by so many!

  3. Oh lots of tears – but so lovely to see her gorgeous little face looking back at me. Love you lots precious Ava xxxoo

  4. how blessed to have known and loved an Angel…( and a cats one at that!!)

  5. Such a special post and beautiful photo

  6. Thank you for sharing some memories of Ava with us. What a lovely baby girl she was. I wish you had a chance to have even more memories of her xxx

  7. I am in tears. What a gorgeous, gorgeous girl your Ava was xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Martine she is divine..u R one amazing woman losing a child must be unimaginable unforgettable pain….hhat of to you and your family for sharing the experience and being open about the grieving…

  9. She is heartbreakingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a special and precious memory.

  10. Gorgeous photo of a gorgeous girl. Thanks for sharing xx

  11. Martine, she is just gorgeous and precious. Love how you have simply shared your great love for her.
    Thank YOU so much for sharing your cherub with us all to touch our hearts. N x

  12. What a beautiful photo. And what a heartbreaking story. Thanks for introducing Ava to us.

  13. we all remember that gorgeous smile, its in our memories forever xx

  14. I have tears in my eyes reading this and seeing that beautiful photo. Thank you so much for sharing. xx

  15. Martine, Ava is beautiful . Thank you for sharing your precious girl and her smile with us.

  16. You are a beautiful mum…. Beautiful wife… Beautiful woman …. Beautiful friend…. Ava was lucky to have chosen you …..

  17. I am in tears. You didn’t need to say much. The love in your heart came through those few simple words and that beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing and reminding me to hold my little ones just that bit closer.

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