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Grief to Me

There are many similiarities in the way people deal with grief, but overwhelmingly, grief is a very individual experience. Lately I have heard many people asking for advice on how to process their grief or indeed how to go on living with the seemingly unbearable pain of loss. Many are often wanting reassurance that what they are feeling is normal. They want […]

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Grief, birthdays and remembering

I struggled with a title for this post and also about the content as well. It could have been about friendships and how they have helped me in my grief. It was also going to be about remembering people on their birthdays and imagining all that they would be doing had they lived. It could also have […]

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Remembering Ava

Last week I linked up with Naomi from Seven Cherubs for her series on “Cherishing the Cherubs” and we looked at Recording aspects of our childrens lives to help us remember the little things as well as the big things. Today the title for the link up is simply Remembering. And today and every day I  remember my […]

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Helping Children Grieve Part 3: Practical ways for parents to help their children cope with loss

My previous posts have looked at helping children grieve and how a childs age and development can determine their reaction to grief. I will finish this by looking at some concrete ways in which we can help support our children through these difficult times.   Provide a safe place for them to vent their emotions. This […]

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