Could you do with the occasional reminder of all the great things that you have in life?  Are there times when it seems that nothing is going right and that everything is against you?  Or is it simply the case that there is nothing new, motivating or exciting  going on?  Or…..are you like me and always liked the idea of keeping a journal or a record of whats going on in your life but never get around to it!…..Either way you should try the Happiness Project!

Last month, Naomi from Seven cherubs , (yes…that means she has 7 kids!) put out the challenge to her readers and fellow bloggers to write just one sentence everyday about something in your day that made you happy or something that  you are grateful for. This I could mange……just one sentence!  And better still, it was also something that my children could manage as well (the ones that can write) and thus we all set out on our Happiness Project.  It didn’t have to be a huge event or occasion that makes you happy, but could be something as trivial as having a great cup of tea or a day without rain!

So even if you thought nothing exciting happened during your day, you are forced to find the positives and go to bed thinking of the good things in your life, without focusing on all the ‘other stuff’. This is also a great exercise for kids, and one that I have since used in my work as a youth counsellor for those who are prone to depression and anxiety.

So here is my happiness project for the past month……although I will continue!

10/4/11 – Proudly watched 7 year olds first footy match, went to Geelong to see the Cats thrash Port Power, and headed down to the beach for a weeks holiday, greeted by a yummy roast dinner cooked by my mum.
11/4/11 – The day was beautiful & sunny when I thought it was going to be cloudy and cold, so headed to the park, skatepark, trampolines and beach before ending the day at the pub watching youngest son dancing in the highchair!
12/4/11 – Rainy day but a great day for having a pedicure for my “so in need of a pedicure” feet!
13/4/11 – I found the time to read through lots of blogs….so many talented writers out there.
14/4/11 – We had hot chocolate sitting at one of my favoutite places in the world…..a cafe on the beach at Lorne, with a brilliant blue ocean,  despite the rain!
15/4/11 – Finally found the time to transfer 18 months worth of home movies onto a DVD so we can actually watch them and not have them siting on movie camera waiting to get lost! Couldnt believe how much my littlest man has grown!
16/4/11 – Home from a gorgeous week away with all my boys and then my other boys (The Cats) beat the Swans up in Sydney!
17/4/11 – Beautiful sunny Autumn day in Melbourne! Great day to watch the boys play footy and all at the same ground so got to see both the games.
18/4/11 – Booked and confirmed holiday to Fiji…..yay
19/4/11 -Luckily a date night to dinner and a comedy show with Paul saved me from having to think super hard for my happiness project….really enjoyed getting out of the house to the big wide world and the city lights!
20/4/11- Busy day at work but enjoyed the challenges of some new clients and now looking forward to getting ready for a Happy Easter at Hall’s Gap.
21/4/11 – Found a new babysitter…the new indoor skate park….the kids scootered up and down back and forth for 4 hours! (and I didnt have to watch!)
22/4/11 – Stopped off at Ballarat to catch up with some old friends on our way to Halls Gap…lots of laughs and great to see them all again
23/4/11 – Breaky in bed, hot cross buns and cup of tea, bbq back at our cabins with marshmellows cooked by the fire..and more chocolate!
24/4/11- Very proud to watch nephews run at the Stawell Gift for their first time and both made the finals tomorrow.
25/4/11 – Gorgeous Autumn day at Stawell Gift.  Most thankful for the ANZAC’s and all those who have given their service to the freedom of our country.
26/4/11 – Another stunning day, so sunny, and finished off the Stawell Gift with a win to my brother in the 200 m, very well deserved. Oh and the Cats beat the Hawks so thats 5 wins in a row!
27/4/11 – Went to work and came home to all my washing from the weekend done and ironed…gotta love mums!
28/4/11 – Out to dinner for my mum and aunty’s birthday
29/4/11 – Great swimming lesson with Louie, think he missed it over the holidays and I have finally got an i-phone!
30/4/11- Another gorgeous sunny Melbourne day, Paul and kids watching local footy so got to have a kid free coffee with my friend.
1/5/11 – Finsihed cleaning out my wardrobe! I can now find something to wear that fits my expanding tummy, finished off the day with family night at the footy club where both boys recieved an award for their game this morning….very proud.
2/5/11- Littlest son spent day with his aunty  where he did many laps of the racetrack at her kids school. Came home to grab whatever brother he could find, insisting they “race”, “run”, “fast” as he made them do laps around and around the house….run forest run….
3/5/11 – Made a yummy roast chicken dinner  which pleased all the occupants of the household
4/5/11 – 11 years ago today since I gave birth to the first of my beautiful boys…happy birthday my gorgeous boy x
5/5/11 – Caught up with my beautiful book group girls….lucky to have so many amazing friends
6/5/11 – Went to my first Bloggers Brunch and loved putting real faces to the many wonderful writers out their in bloggerland. Lots of great goodies to go home with, little man behaved and had a ball going down the slide a zillion times and I am writing this now rather than at the end of the day as I am about to have 5 extra boys over for a sleepover so just in case I forget all the good things that happened today….
7/5/11 – Survived a night with 9 boys under 11 in the house! Enough said (oh and enjoyed another day at the footy watching the Cats down at Geelong)
8/5/11- Mothers Day, vegemite toast and a cuppa in bed (quickly) before getting to kids footy before 9. Some gorgeous presents and cards and a great day spent with family at the in-laws.
9/5/11- Busy day at work but met some great kids ready to start our support group for kids who have parents with mental illness.
10/5/11 – Mum and Dad home from holiday, so spent a relaxing day catching up with mum, my uncle and sister-in-law.
So there it is! No surprises that mine seems to revolve around family, footy and food  (the boys ones were pretty much scooters, skateparks, friends  and footy)!

And please visit Seven Cherubs to see the links to all the other  Happiness Projects.  And most of all……give it a go!

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  1. Mandy Ferry

    wow you have been busy, sydney, ballarat, love it. Also love your little photo collage at the top!

  2. Felicity

    So many things I could relate to on your list! Wonderful book club friends, the sun that shines when it’s cold (oh i do not like the cold 🙂 Yummy roast dinners and time with family!! What a wonderful list to read over!!! xo

  3. Naomi Ellis

    So love your list! I am a big AFL fan as well and we are all footy crazy in our house, we all have different teams that we go for so it always makes watching the footy loud and interesting. I so love that you included your cherubs in this project and it has been a wonderful insight into your heart and life. Thanks so much for joining in and I love that you want to continue. So looking forward to meeting you IRL one day. Naomi x

  4. penny

    wow, trip to figi..awesome!!

    1. Martine

      I know..cant wait!

  5. Caz

    Oh I am so loving all of these happy post! Makes me happy just reading them. And family is the best reason to be happy – without a doubt!!

    1. Martine

      Absolutely…I have had a day trying to clean out my kids bedroom, (not so much fun) but have loved having a break and reading everyones journals!

  6. Kellie

    Loving the footy inclusions!! Hubby went to the ‘G last night and watched the Cats beat his beloved Pies! Wishing I could have made it to the Bloggers Brunch to meet you, but two trips to Melbourne in the space of two weeks would have been a bit much!! Hopefully next time!
    I enjoyed reading your love for your family. You certainly have a lot to be happy about! 🙂

    1. Martine

      Thanks Kellie, and yes…hopefully next time!

  7. Alicia

    What a great list! I love that you included your kids in the project. I like the fact that you found time to transfer your home video’s to dvd. This is on my to do list but I never seem to get around to it.

    1. Martine

      Yes getting the videos off th e camera is just one of those things….and the more time goes on the more viedo you get and the bigger the job! It was so worth it though and the kids loved watching them too.

  8. Heather

    Love the happiness project Martine-my whole family are doing it…on my new iPhone! Your mother’s day post was very moving, couldn’t comment because I was crying too much, and I know I wasn’t the only one!

    1. Martine

      SO glad you are all doing it. And thanks for the somment re the mothers day post…it was one of the more difficult ones to write! x

  9. Maxabella

    I’m so enjoying visiting many of the links on Naomi’s Happiness Project. I can’t stop! It’s just such a joyous way to spend an hour and I’m finding so many lovely bloggers to meet (hello!)

    The thing is, sometimes the Happy is a big event and other times it’s just a moment. A fleeting moment that we might otherwise have forgotten about. x

    1. Martine

      I too have loved reading everyone’s journals..slowly but surely getting through them all. And you are right, sometimes when nothing overtly exciting happened it was great to force yourself to look for those otherwise fleeting moments. x

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