Today my little girl would have been six

A year ago today I wrote the post Today my daughter would have been 5‘. And today on the 17th October 2013, my daughter would have been six. Not much has changed in that year, but then a lot has changed too. My other boys are all a year older and filling every day with the stuff that boys do. One son has nearly finished his first year of high school. One his first year of kinder. And one his last year of primary school. My daughter would have been coming to the end of her first year of school.

Over the past year I have organised hundreds more Heartfelt photography sessions for other families who had to say goodbye to their babies too soon. In just the last 2 days I have come into contact with 6 families who tragically and unexpectedly had to say goodbye to their angels. On Tuesday, the International day of remembrance for those that have suffered stillbirth or infant death, people around the world lit a candle to remember all of those babies who never made it. They don’t make it to live long and happy lives, laughing, throwing tantrums, playing sport, singing, dancing, sitting exams, playing hide and seek or fighting with their siblings. But they made it long enough to give back more love than could ever be put into words or lived in a lifetime. I have been shown the very precious nature of this life. I have been shown the importance of doing what I can to create a happy life for myself and for that of my kids. And I have been shown the way volunteering for Heartfelt and giving families these memories will continue to help ease just a little of their grief. I will be desperately sad that my daughter is not here with us to celebrate her birthday. I will be angry and at times resentful.  But I will also only ever be grateful that I have 5 other beautiful children to live this life with and make it as good as we can.





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  1. PlanningQueen

    Beautiful post Martine. Thinking of you.

  2. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    A very sweet post Martine – and thanks for the reminder to be so UBER grateful for all that I have. My thoughts are with you today. Emily

  3. Fee

    Lots of love to you Martine. You are one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. I’m sorry that your gorgeous baby girl isn’t here with you today and every other day. Thank you too for always supporting those families through Heartfelt. xxx

  4. Trish

    Thinking of you today. Much love to you. Thank you for supporting Heartfelt.

  5. A very moving post. A friend of ours has just lost a twin baby girl. I can’t imagine how hard her life is just now, such joy and such heartbreak together. Thinking of you and the little much-loved one.

  6. Kirsten

    I have read and re read your words that, yet again, are beautiful and bold. We are forever grateful that you share and care deeply. Thinking of you all xoxo KK

  7. Wow! You took my breath away. I’m flipping through blogs and didn’t expect to read words of this magnitude, words so heavy with pain. I cannot image the depth of your emotions, yet the way you conveyed them, I feel like I have gained some understanding. Well done on surviving.

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