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Top video games posts for parents from 2015

The amount of time kids spend playing video games, the types of video games our kids play and the fear of kids becoming gamer zombies with no social skills or relation to the real world, is often a challenge for parents today. But research, perspective and experience tells us that many times these fears are unfounded, or at the very least can be managed with the right information, helpful strategies and some boundaries to keep it under control.

Over this past year I have written many posts on some of these ideas to help us understand and better equip ourselves with the right information in order to ensure our kids get all the enjoyment and learning from video games, whilst at the same time balancing their playing with other pursuits and keeping them safe.

So in case you missed any, here are some of my posts from 2015 on helping parents understand the world of video gaming.

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Video games for fun, family and the future: Digital Australia Report 2015

Video game definitions for parents

Together we will continue to seek out the best information and endeavour to understand and gain perspective of all that our children are encountering in the digital world of technology and gaming.

For more information on helping parents understand other aspects of the online world, you can check out my best digital parenting posts of 2015. 


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