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Top Digital Parenting posts for 2015

When it comes to digital parenting today, much of what I believe comes from the need to have a clear understanding of the world our children are growing up in, and a solid perspective of what it means to be a child growing up today. To do this, we need to focus on learning and information, as well as the connection we have with our kids. There is little point having all the knowledge in the world without being able to apply some perspective, and equally so, having no knowledge ensures we are walking around with our heads buried firmly in the sand, oblivious to the challenges faced by or children. So this year again, we focused on being aware of the changes to the technology, what are the sorts of things our kids are doing, and how can we ensure that we get that balance right between keeping up with the changes, whilst keeping up with our kids and monitoring what they themselves are experiencing in life.

Heres a little of how we achieved that in 2015.

Back to school with BYOD: 8 things you can do now. This post certainly relevant if your little one is heading off to school with a new device tucked in to their backpack.

For a little known parental control for your device, discover  The parental control you need for your device

The question I get all the time….Should we be spying , monitoring or following our kids online?

To keep us all up to speed, well as much as is possible in this vastly moving technological world, here are some Video game definitions for parents and chat speak and emoji’s

The debate on how much screen time is recommended took on some change this year, as we begin to realise that it is less to do with time and more to do with what they are doing with the screens. Weighing up screen time: why parents need to take a closer look

30 ways your kids may be using technology in the classroom was written to help parents understand that bringing devices in to the classroom is not simply to replace other methods of teaching, but rather to compliment and expand on the ideas and resources that we have always used, but taking advantage of the many amazing opportunities the technology presents.

Like all things in life we know there is good and bad. Everyday we see examples of people doing things online that are just plain wrong. Here are 5 things you should avoid doing online.  and here’s how to mind our manners on social networks.

Live streaming apps have become increasingly popular this year, but are they safe for our kids?

Our kids know so much: how can parents keep up? This question is also asked often, as parents lament the lack of understanding of their child’s world.

And just how can parents enforce rules around technology? Certainly something so many of us seem to battle with.

We also looked at the role of the devices in our lives. Are we being the best role model for our kids?

Being in charge of our own technology use and the role it plays in our lives is a constant battle for so many. Technology makes a great servant but we cant afford it to be our master. 

Shielding our kids from inappropriate content is certainly one of the biggest battles parents face. Do you know if your child has been exposed to online porn? If so, do you know what you should do?


And if you need to find all this and more in one place, my eBook “Parenting in a digital world:stop fighting, start connecting” is ready for you to download and be as prepared as you ever can be.

Thanks again for your continued support of The Modern Parent as we strive to better face the challenges of parenting in a modern world.

See you in 2016 🙂

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