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Treasured Milestones and a Treasures Nappy Giveaway

This is a sponsored post and giveaway by Treasures Nappies. Whilst I was paid to write this, all views are my own honest opinion!


When you know you are not going to have any more kids, and especially if you have had a few already, then certain milestones the ‘baby’ reaches can leave you feeling a little nostalgic.

When you have to finally pack up the cot, the last breastfeed, when they no longer fit in to growsuits, when they graduate from the pram, school, high school, university (well I am sure that will all happen within a blink of an eye too!) then you start to be a little proud but a little sad. Last week I had my final swimming lesson in the pool with the 2 year old before he goes up to independent swimming next term. I thought I would really rejoice in not having to get wet, not have to remember to take my underwear when I wear my bathers to the lesson, to not have to avoid stopping at shops where I might see people with my wet hair haphazardly and unglamourously dangling down my face. But I was actually a little taken aback. You mean my baby doesn’t need me anymore? Am I redundant? Is this what it feels like when they move out of home?

I may be exaggerating a little, but there are certain things you look forward to with your kids and then when they happen,  you know there is no going back.

Take toilet training. After my first child I actually found toilet training pretty easy as they all seemed to copy one another and just do it when they were ready. I don’t ever think I made a really conscious decision to start toilet training. With my youngest now, he has not been as super keen so I have kind of had a half hearted go , then just chucked a nappy back on because I cant be bothered taking extra clothes, or having him wee on the floor of a shopping centre. Or maybe I am just trying to keep my baby a little bit longer!

So whilst I will not have to be doing the nappy thing for very much longer I still opted to have a go at the ‘new to Australia’ Treasures nappies that claim to be as effective as the much more expensive brand I have used forever.  The first thing that took my eye was the very cute Hairy Maclairy picture on the front and back. Now I know a ‘pretty nappy does not an effective nappy make’…..but again as this little puppy was a favourite of all my boys I think this is a pretty cute way to finish off my nappy journey.


I have tried plenty of other cheaper brands over the years only to have leakages. I have tended to get a bit lazy with the nappy changes and I sometimes stretch it out as long as I can! I am happy to say that the Treasures Nappies withstood even my prolonged nappy sessions!

To win a whole heap of nappies (8 packets valued at $75), just leave a comment below answering the following question and be sure to head over to my Facebook page when you are done and give it a ‘like’ so you can get many more pearls of parenting wisdom!

Question: What is something your kids accomplished that made you proud but a little sad or nostalgic for the past?

Competition is only open to Australian residents. Closing day is 5pm AEST Tuesday 29th April.



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  1. Kim

    It’s weird but I was kind of happy/sad when my eldest started talking. He was so good at letting me know exactly what he wanted, that he didn’t need to talk at all for a long time. Suddenly when he started talking, I wasn’t the only one that could understand!

  2. Joyce Watts

    I was amazed in the change in our relationship when my daughter started using baby sign language after months of one way conversation. Suddenly she became a little person who could communicate her thoughts to me! Less guesswork, more independence, a great milestone.

  3. Wendy S

    When my baby stopped breastfeeding, knowing she was my last baby made me sad for all that missed cuddle time.

  4. Michelle V

    I would have to say speaking.
    I was proud that my children could communicate of course, but it just seemed so sudden! It was a few words at first, and then before long, they were saying sentences and being real little chatterboxes! It made me sad in a way that they no longer needed me to communicate their feelings, but it’s all part of them growing up!

  5. stephanie

    right now, we just hit a milestone of adjustment to going to daycare. Yesterday, instead of clinging to my leg saying don’t go mummy. My little boy smiled the biggest smile and waved goodbye as I left the centre. It’s where I want him to be, that he’s becoming more independent and confident in himself, oh my baby is growing up!

  6. sapna

    My toddler has recently started walking at the age of 18 months. Even though i was looking forward to the day when he will start walking and also worked very hard for his independent walking developement – i still miss his pre walking stage when he use to sit in my lap most of the time to read storybooks or watching tv. Now that he is walking he does not have time to sit in my lap and is always busy with is own activities.

  7. Jody at Six Little Hearts

    My youngest of my 6 children has just started walking. I am so happy for her but I am sad too, as she’s definitely my last little one. I think the next time I will have such a close relationship to a little one achieving a milestone will be when I am a Grandmother myself.
    Now I live in terror of her weaning. That will be hard to take indeed and I am dreading it!

  8. Neets

    When our 4 year old came off his training wheels over the Christmas break, we were not only surprised that he had done it so quickly but it also made us incredibly proud. His determination & attitude towards achieving something that he really puts his mind to, are qualities that we were hoping to instil in our kids. I haven’t heard of these nappies but they look great & with bub due any day now, they will certainly come in handy 🙂

  9. Winnie @ Bubfriendly

    My first princess just turned 3 recently. Being a stay at home mum, she has always gone and always been where I was, where I went and never ever wanted to go anywhere without me. At one stage I thought I would probably be sitting at the back of her class when she goes to school! Hence, earlier this year when her grandmother (hubby’s mom) offered to take her out for a drive to see her cousins whilst Mummy stay at home with her baby sister ( a newborn then), I was very surprised and yes a little sad when she said YES excitedly and waved goodbye at me. Like yourself, I almost felt disheartened that my little girl did not seem to ‘need’ me anymore. This is despite the fact that I have been hoping in the past that she will get used to others especially close relatives so that I can have a break. They grow up too quickly!

  10. Fee

    When my eldest went to High School! But I had a newborn too so it was like living in parallel worlds sometimes. Feeling proud of him starting high school but sad he was getting so big and probably not wanting to hang out with us soon. Lucky I’ve still got 3 little ones to hang out with 🙂

  11. When my daughter decided she could walk to class by herself, from the drop-off zone. She doesn’t like to do it much but I’m proud that she attempts it – it’s only her second year of school and I intend to drop her to the classroom door for as long as she’ll let me!

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