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What Nanna taught me and the importance of our grandparents

Nannas, Grandmas, Omas, MaMa’s, Grammies, Nonna. Varying titles, but all universally equipped to take on this most esteemed role. Able to shower unconditional love, devote time and presence, a listening ear and a wise word from the knowing and experienced.

I know not all are blessed to have grown up with grandparents. Not all grandmas are the lovely old lady baking cookies and singing nursery rhymes. I also know some grandparents are looking after their own children’s offspring full time with little time or energy left to be ‘Nan’.

But I wish every child got the benefit of a Nanna the way I did and the way my kids do now.

Because here are some of the things my Nanna taught me….

She taught me how to make cheese scones, sultana cupcakes, pikelets and a devils food cake ….. all the while singing Shirley Temples ‘Good ship lollypop’.

She taught me that salt and a kiss cures every wound

She taught me the importance of caring for others and opening up your heart and your home to those in need

She taught me not to be afraid of singing out loud….. even if I wasn’t blessed with her beautiful Welsh singing voice

She taught me to see the good in everything. “Of course chocolate pudding is good for you” she would say, “It’s got eggs in it and eggs are good for you”.

She taught me that sometimes life deals you a crappy hand and tries to bring you down. But you get back up again.

She taught me to appreciate old movies, a good musical and a classy movie star

She taught me how to put on a roast dinner for a very large family (I tried to teach her that it was ok for men to eat off a floral dinner plate and their plates didn’t have to be overflowing with food)

She taught me that everything begins and ends with family.

I miss her desperately but I know so much of what she taught me lives on in me everyday…… and I know my kids will get a lot of that too.


Were you lucky enough to have your Nanna in your life? What did or does she teach you?

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  1. This is beautiful … I love that nanna taught you that life will not always be easy, make you learn hard lessons and try to bring you down but you need to get back up… And you my friend always get back up and keep fighting .. Mwah

    1. Martine Oglethorpe

      thanks lovely x

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