Win a Smart Trike 4 in 1 Dream: review and giveaway

smartrike-0243When first asked to review the Smart Trike 4 in 1 dream tricycle, I must admit I said to myself “Mmmmm, after 5 boys and their toys, do we really need another bike, trike or automobile taking up precious space on the back deck?” But upon a little investigation of said trike, I decided that this one may be a little different and perhaps it was worth a try.

It arrived in a box and usually the instructions that infer ‘self assembly’ do not ignite feelings of excitement and enthusiasm in my husband. After handing over the assembly reigns to said husband and the 10 year old however, he made comment very soon after, ”Well if you are going to write about this trike, then you can say that it was really very easy to assemble” And well, lets just say you don’t get a better endorsement than that. I repeat, self assembly is not usually my husbands strong point!

Anyway for about a week this trike was wheeled around and climbed on and little brothers were pushed by big brothers all around the loungeroom. This was partly due to a very busy week and a very wet week which prevented the Trike a burn on the real outside turf!

But we did get there and I have to say, Mr nearly 2 absolutely loved his first ride on the trike. He actually tried to go to bed with his bike helmet on to ensure that I would remember to take him again the next day.

I have had trikes before but there were some definite differences with this one.

I did love the fact that the Smart Trike is so easy to steer. We have had a similar one before, but if your child is not up to actually realising they have to steer the trike,  then it is really rather hard to change directions. You would almost need to lift the whole front of the trike in order to change direction. The Smart Trike however has a fantastic touch steering system that really does make a huge difference and can even be wheeled and turned easily with one hand.

I love that it caters for so many age and development levels. We all know how quickly they can grow out of a trike or bike, so having one that lasts from 10 months to over 3 years is really impressive. I was just disappointed I missed zooming around with the little one when he was younger. It is almost enough to make me want another kid just so I get the real value out of the trike! Well, not quite.

For the little ones, stage 1 starts with foot rests and an adjustable seat harness with high back support. Stage 2 sees the removal of the back support so the little tike can gain confidence and balance whilst mum, dad or older sibling pushes them along. Stage 3 transforms to a training bike as your little 2 year old begins to pedal. Lastly, Stage 4 sees the parent handle removed, the safety clutch closed and off they ride into the sunset just like a real trike.



There are also enough extras like sunshades, trolleys on the back, back packs, a drink holder and even a toy phone for the little travellers to feel they have hit the big time.



For your chance to win a Smart Trike 4 in 1 Dream (original RRP $199), remember to like The Modern Parent Facebook page and leave a comment below telling me about a favourite toy you had as a child or one that you have bought your own kids that is standing the test of time.

Competition is open to Australian Residents only. Competition closes July 12th 2013, 9pm AEST.



But if you don’t win, head to the Toy sales on now, where you can find them on sale at Toys R us for $159.67 or Big W for $148.

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  1. Lidya

    Liked on Facebook (FB name is Lidya Loe).

    The only toy that our son still plays with even after owning it for over 8 months is Little Tikes Pirate Ship. He plays with it, uses it as ride-on vehicle, and even as a pull-along toy.

    I assume the competition ends on 12th of July instead of June since you posted this on 1st of July.

    1. Martine

      Oh thankyou Lidya, and yes sorry it closes July! I will blame school holidays and a house full of kids!

  2. Melissa O

    A face book Fan 🙂

    I used to love and take my Hobby horse everywhere with me. We would ride on adventures together and he would take me away from my brothers!

  3. Suzi C

    I had a Cabbage Patch Doll as a child and loved it so much. She went everywhere with me and was called Jessica. I have bought one to give miss 2 this Christmas and hopes she loves it as much as I did.

  4. These look fantastic – why didn’t they have cool stuff around when my kids were little!!!

    PS Visiting from #TeamIBOT xxx

  5. cath

    I used to have a skateboard,i was used to bumps and falls
    i’d take off like a crazy girl and crash right into walls.

  6. Di

    Baby Alive, how I loved her. Feeding her, then watching her wee fascinated me!! Until my younger brother cut all her fingers and toes off 🙁

  7. DIANA O

    My favourite toy is one that’s stood the test of time, now being loves by my kids too. My wooden building blocks. Yes they’re wood, but they were so much sturdier back in the day (am I showing my age here!?).

  8. Dot K

    The Hula Hoop was our family toy, used as an exercise device and play thing.
    The girls verses the boys and seeing how long the hoop would keep spinning around our waists.

  9. carmen

    My eldest was 3 when he fell in love with “Real Talking Bubba”… I couldn’t afford to buy him one until the day I saw one in a rather damaged box, sitting forlornly on a department store shelf… marked at $9.97.

    To date, Bubba has talked his way through my ex boyfriend testing him for half an hour straight, my eldest boy’s cancer treatment and each of the subsequent siblings who have arrived. Somewhere we found an extra one for $1 at an op shop one day so we officially have two.

    Nothing like Bubba wars between the two youngest boys. 😉

  10. tracy wedding

    i had a Giggles doll when i was young she laughed talked and walked she was my pride and joy until my mother let my baby sister play with her and destroy her

  11. bubble936

    little tikes cozy coupe is standing the test of time at our home. We pushed our elder son in it when he was small.. then he started driving it all around the home and outside both in sunlight and in rain . Now the little 11 month old is being pushed around in it everywhere. They love it so much that we have a designated parking for it in every room and it goes to garage for repairs by dad.

  12. The Plumbette

    I have liked you as The Plumbette. Favourite toys would have to be barbies and my cabbage patch doll. Neither have been given to my 3 year old yet because my mum still has them stashed away for the ‘grandkids). My daughter is probably old enough to play with them now. I also have a china tea set which my daughter and I sit down and share a high tea with her stuffed animal toys. It hasn’t faired as well because it is china and we have one cup with a chip.

  13. Virginia Mason

    My favourite toy as a child was my first bike – a yellow Cyclops with a sweet white basket complete with bright flowers at the front. I grew up on a farm, so this was wonderful to pack some fruit and a book and go off into the paddocks for a little ride. I have lots of great memories bike riding with my brothers having races and collecting aluminium cans for pocket money too (I think I just bought lollies!).

  14. TrinaB

    My favourite toy as a child was my barbies! I had a gorgeous old one that my grandma bought me at a swap meet – I think it was from the 60’s – she had short hair and thick eye makeup and her hands were jointed. I also had an 80’s barbie that came with a tape I played to death, and a pretty love heart barbie that came with a stamp (I stamped all of my books with it pretending I was a Librarian – oops – got into big trouble for that!) Both my Grandma and my Nana made clothes for them – they had the best wardrobe!! Knitted jumpers and pants, beanies, nighties, dresses and polka dot bathers 🙂

  15. EssentiallyJess

    I’ve always liked the loo of them, but I think my youngest is probably a bit old now, so I won’t enter the comp. 🙂

  16. Bingham Hawn

    But I have daughter. She always like to play with toys.

  17. Gemma westacott Blair

    I loved my Fisher Price Farm Set. I’d play with it for hours, getting the horse to pull the cart or the tractor to plough the fields etc. I especially loved the cute little puppy toy that came with it.
    My parents still have it at their house for the kids to play with when they visit and it is still hugely popular! And of course I can’t resist joining in and havin a go myself!

  18. Jenn Unger

    My mum is a bit of a sentimental hoarder and she kept loads of toys and clothes from my childhood. I have photos of my cot with a fisher price activity centre from 1980 on it, and apparently I loved it… I used to scoff at mum for keeping our old stuff and it was with great reluctance that I accepted the activity centre , but Charlotte LOVED it for the 6/8 months that I had it on her play pen, and she still pushes the buttons and wobbles the ‘three men in a tub’ when i leave the cupboard doors open where it is stored.

    Liked on fb! x

  19. I love these bikes. My three year old still uses hers and I would love one for my second daughter 🙂

    I have just liked your FB page and .. my favourite toy as a kid was Blue Ted. I would go everywhere with him and up until the 2011 floods I still had him. Unfortunately, Blue Ted didn’t know how to swim in the floods, but he did pretty well lasting 30 odd years!

  20. Becc

    Been a facebook liker for quite some time 🙂
    My personal favourite was my Cindy dolls. Yes, I did rally against the whole Barbie doll phenomenon.
    I even remember having a dining table that came with full dinner set, candelabras, pepper & salt shakers and even a plate with butter on it.
    I wonder if this is why I take such pride in my table settings for dinner parties these days 🙂
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  21. Grace

    How cute is that last photo of your boy in his blue helmet! Love it!
    Thomas Tank engines have definitely proven to be resilient in our household – they’re taken everywhere, even into the bath, bashed around and left behind only to drive back and find it again. Boys and their trains, eh?

  22. Wendy S

    My favourite toys as a kid were the “bluebox” brand toys, from memory we had a ferris wheel and a treehouse and little animals and people that went in them. They lasted for years, and are still under my parents house in storage!

  23. Already like you on FB. The toy that stood the test of time in my house was a blackboard/whiteboard easel which we still have! Loving the look of this tryke for my brand new grand daughter.
    Leanne @ deep fried fruit

  24. Mums Take Five

    yes a fb liker 🙂
    Our best toy when we were kids was the Tuppaware shape sorter we played with it alot and you know my mum kept it stashed away for 30 odd years till she gave it to my kids and that thing gets thrown around and played with in the bath and we still have all the bit and it still all joins up properly.

  25. Lisa Wood

    We have had so many toys over the years {with our five boys} but our favorite by far is the Tupperware Shape Sorter. Every boy LOVED that toy and we have kept it for our Grandkids.
    They also had a Winnie the Pooh Spin Top toy which lasted for all five of them, we gifted that one away to another family!

  26. tam childers

    our little tikes cozy coup 2 kids an numerous play mates an its still a great toy to play with, with lots of use left in it.

  27. Karen L

    My son (now 20) had a toy firetruck, bought for him as a baby, which he played with, threw around, sat on and rode on until his little brother came along and and he passed it on. Little brother is now 13 and he has passed it on to Miss Nearly 2 who treats the poor thing just as rough as the boys did. How awesome is that? I am shocked how long it’s lasted for. lol. 🙂
    And little miss would love a trike for Christmas, so thanks for the chance and fingers crosssed! 🙂

    1. Karen L

      Excuse the spelling mistakes, i’m obviously more tired than i thought i was. :p

  28. Kell Kelly

    My favourite toy as a child was my cabbage patch doll (Fabian). It has truly stood the test of time as I still have him and my kids just love the outy belly button and cute little bum. They really made things to last back then!

  29. Kell Kelly

    Oh and I’m also a facebook fan 🙂

  30. melanie w

    Tickle me Elmo we have had him since my eldest was about 2 she just recently turned 15 and Elmo is still going strong entertaining my youngest its been one of the best toys ever!

  31. Karen.E

    My favourite toy as a child was Barbies, I have 2 sisters so we had lots of different accessories to mix and match maybe that’s why I love clothes and shoes so much now 😉

    saekae at bigpond dot net dot au



  33. Marcia Coventry

    Tonka trucks; my son had my husband’s hand-me-downs. They look like they’ve seen many building sites and brought hours of joy.

  34. Katrina Corbett

    I loved my cousins car track that he had. It was one you could put together your self and make all kinds of different tracks. I kept asking for one for Christmas but I think the fat man was a bit confused because I am a female.

  35. Monica

    I still have my original Spirograph (39yrs old)…all the different patterns fascinated me as a child, now my granddaughter is amazed with it too!

  36. Lauren A

    My cousin and I were given identical dolls when we were toddlers. I called mine ‘Suzy’. Whenever my cousin came over to play, I would take her doll off her, screaming “My Suzy!” despite the fact that I also had my own doll. Luckily our children don’t look alike!

  37. Beck Andrew

    I had a little pink and blue trike at Nana’s, I loved it!
    I was visiting her many years later and she pulled it out, she had kept it for over 20 years for all of the other grandkids after me to use, they even moved from Melbourne to Queensland and took it with them!

  38. Rebecca Bird

    My favourite toy was always my pink stuffed bunny “Pinky” (10 points for originality!). I got her the day I was born and dragged her around everywhere with me for years. She has aged very gracefully (apart from some minor ear augmentation surgery) and was passed down to first my oldest daughter and now my 1 year old girl, who happily drags her around just like I once did! She’s one tough bunny, I think she will probably survive to one day see my grandkids so they can get as much joy out of her as we all have!

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