Family Favourite Apps: Some of the best apps for all ages

Today I thought I’d share with you some of my families favourite apps. It always helps to have some recommendations to sift through the gazillion apps on offer and thus I share with you some that my boys and I are enjoying right now. Some educational, some helpful and some just a bit of fun.

The Toddlers Apps

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox



This app was one of the first the 4 year old played with and now the nearly 2 year old is loving it. Colorful and bright, great for counting, colours, matching and puzzles. Cost: 99 cents

Fish School


All the Apps from the creators at Duck Duck Moose are pretty cool. This is another app that is perfect for the 2 -4  year olds. It is colourful, educational and despite the $2.99 price is good value for an award winning app.


The Bigger Boys Apps

4 pics 1 word


Now this has been a favourite of the tween boys for a while but I must say I have had to ‘help’ them out on more than a few occasions so I have spent a bit of time on it too. Like most apps, quite addictive but at least they are expanding their vocabulary. Cost: free




I know this is the bane of many parents existence, but Minecraft is actually quite an amazing game and great for developing many skills. Aside from the engineering, creativity, geometry, maths and physics, it is also great at teaching them resourcefulness and team building. Like many, it becomes quite addictive for them, so it is always good to make them stick to strict time limits so the hours and hours don’t go sailing by! Cost: lite version is free but pocket version is $6.99.


The parent apps

Life 360


This app I decided to use for my son who has a mobile phone now and is often wondering from one friends house to another. I certainly don’t want to rely on apps to know where my kids are but I must admit I am enjoying the peace of mind. You can add as many people to your ‘family’ and as long as they have their phone on them you can see where they are at, or where they have been! Cost: free




Zite is one of the apps I check daily as I can tailor it to receive articles form all over the world based on the topics I am interested in. Easy to use and can click through all of the latest news easily and share with my readers anything I find relevant or interesting. Cost: free

Photography Apps

Whilst I love playing around on Instagram, 2 of my favourite photo editing apps are:



This one gives you lots of control over all aspects of the photo and you can easily spend many hours playing around with the effects! Cost: free




This is a poplar editing app that is really easy to use with a few different options and filters than those available on Instagram. Cost: free

So there they are. Just a few apps that may help you through the rest of the school holidays!

What are some apps you and your family are enjoying right now?








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  1. annie

    My son lives and breathes Minecraft. He has it on the Mac, and it started off as creating buildings, then regions and now, he wants to build his own server to host it!! At the age of 12. We definitely have had to put limits on it (but then he has it as an app too, so have to watch it on the handheld device as well).

    Its another world!!

  2. A great list Martine. Minecraft has passed us by. My eldest is too old, and the little ones too little. But my 12 yo nephew LOVES it. We also have Monkey Lunchbox but now i think we need Fish School. And I am very interested in Life 360 – though it seems a little “spy-ish” now my eldest is 15. I would have been happy to use it before now … but I am intrigued so will check it out. And I’m liking the look of Zite too. I can’t make any suggestions I’m afraid – I’m really behind the game when it comes to Apps.

  3. Hello, I know it’s prosaic but the Sydney Buses/Trains/Ferries app is great and we use it all the time. Mr13 went down to Chatswood alone for the first time ever to go clothes shopping and he plotted his trip by himself with this app. I also used today the Hoyts app.

    Mr7 is completely hooked on the NRL app as he loves rugby league.

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  6. Lora

    Great thanks for sharing

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