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Win a Story Box Library: reading aloud with great Australians

I recently stumbled across a great website I’d like to share with you called Story box library.  

I love new internet finds that ensure
we get the best out of the web whilst merging old fashioned charm with new advances in technology.

Story box library is kind of like having your own beautifully illustrated library of Australian books at your fingertips, and you even have someone to read them to you. In Australian accents. Not that we Aussies have an accent do we?

The storybox library website itself is beautifully designed and illustrated and the books have been chosen for their slightly quirky but charming take on life. Having the stories read by Australian voices, and some very funny comedians, also ensures the art of storytelling is alive and well. Cal Wilson’s rendition of Bella’s Bad Hair Day is a favourite, whilst Colin Lane, Clare Bowditch, Danny Katz, Missy Higgins, Jane Kennedy and Nick Cave are just some of the other great talents lending their voice and personality to some great reads.

The Storybox Library has a section for families, libraries, schools and organisations and there are some associated activities to enrich the learning experience.

The short films also provide a great ‘behind the scenes’ chat with authors and illustrators. We have a few fans of Andy Griffiths in this household so his little spiel was thoroughly enjoyed.

Now of course we know the interactive nature of technology provides the most benefits, and enjoying this with parents or siblings certainly helps to provide that. It is also a great safe way for kids to have a little downtime and become absorbed in story and imagination even if it is on a screen.

story box library books
Just some of the many great titles available

So for kids of any age, Storybox library is a great addition to your technology toolkit….. and guess what? To celebrate World Read Aloud day on Feb 24th,  I have three 12 month subscriptions to give away, valued at $29.95 each.

All you have to do is tell me one of your favourite stories your kids love to have read aloud….or a favourite story from when you were a kid.

Competition closes Tuesday March 8th, 5pm AEST. Winners will be notified by email.

This is not a sponsored post, however I was gifted the 3 prizes. 


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  1. Jane

    My three have all loved Lucy Cousins’ ‘Hooray for Fish’, and now my big boys can read it to their little sister. It’s one of those rare picture books that none of us tire of. ‘Kiss, kiss, kiss. Hooray for Fish!’ : )

  2. Tamara

    One of my favourites was “The Tiger Who Came to Tea” by Judith Kerr. I still remember hearing it read aloud on Playschool and watching them make Sophie’s dinner of sausages and chips out of paper during the craft time. There was something so wonderfully preposterous about the notion that a tiger would politely invite himself to tea and proceed to consume ALL of the food and drink in the house, including all of the water out of the tap. Moreover, Sophie’s father didn’t question the story whatsoever when he returned home from work! Truly imaginative and utterly delightful.

  3. Michelle

    My two girls have been totally entranced by Enid Blyton’s ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’. It was a favourite of mine so it is lovely to be able to share it and experience the wonder of such silly and amazing worlds again through them. It has been hard to leave it at one chapter a night!

  4. Ravhael

    My son and I still read my tattered copy of Good night moon which I’ve had since I was little. It would be a tough choice to decide what is his favourite book to read aloud together but I think it would be a close call between Mike I don’t like, The tall man and the twelve babies, or anything by Nick Bland.

  5. Marianne

    One of our favourites is ‘Rattletrap Car’ by Phyllis Root and Jill Barton. It’s brilliant for reading aloud as it is full of onomatopoeic words and there’s lots of rhyming and repetition. Both of my boys learned the words ‘Go’ and ‘Pop’ reading this book and as they got older, were able to join in more and more with the repetitive parts. We still love it and it appears regularly at bedtime to be read once again.

  6. Agnes

    Thanks for the giveaway – Storybox Library sounds great. We have so many favourites that it is hard to pick just one! But, following in his sister’s footsteps, the almost three year old is loving Stephen Michael King’s Mutt Dog. This story has so much emotion and depth. It certainly doesn’t shy away from complex issues, but addresses them in a gentle and humorous way. It does make some awkward moments when the toddler yells ‘Go away, you mutt!’ to dogs out for a walk.

  7. Kate

    My son’s favourite story at the moment is Esther’s Rainbow. It has sparked MANY conversations about colours that we see.

  8. Cath

    What a great idea! We have many favourites in our house and try to read aloud with our girls every day. Audiobooks are becoming a favourite listening option in the car, or when they need some down time after school The books we come back to time and time again are ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson and ‘Sail Away, the ballad of Skip and Nell’ by Mem Fox. So many wonderful stories to share!

  9. Emily

    “One, two, Rudie Nudie, Rudie Nudie in the bath … ” Cant go past Emma Quay’s Rudie Nudie for Aussie brilliance! (Internationally, I’d nominate Fox in Socks, because a) Dr Seuss is Dr Awesome and b) then I wouldn’t have to attempt the Bim and Ben’s bent brooms bit.)

  10. Kirsten

    We love book! At the moment a favourite is the Billie B Brown series. I bought them for my Grade 1 Boy for reading but my little ones adore them. They have gorgeous themes on different values and emotions and my 3 year old will sit and listen to the whole book!

  11. Anne-Maree

    My 6 yr old son loves me to read Hairy Maclary from Donaldsons Dairy to him. It started off we read it together, now he reads it to me, his sister and the two dogs. His teacher read it in class last year and she missed a page accidentally and as he was so familiar with it he was very quick to tell her so.

    Now every time he sees a dog resembling one in the book he calls it Hairy Maclary or Bottomly Potts, etc.

  12. Michelle Quin

    Too many to choose, Tashi and the Golem for 5 year old, See you later alligator for the 3 year old and Harry Potter and the Philosooher’s Stone for the 7 year old. I hadn’t heard of this site – very exciting as we can’t borrow enough audio books from the library!

  13. Rachel Browning

    We have lots of favourites but at the moment Wombat Stew is on high rotation.

    Hairy McLairy from Donaldson’s Dairy is our next highest rotation ?

    As a child I loved Death of a Wombat but I can’t read it out loud now as an adult!

  14. Melanie

    Our evening storytime is a special time for us all in our family. We all hop onto mum and dad’s “big” bed to read stories and cuddle. We have been doing every single night since our eldest was born nearly 6 years ago.

    Our favourite book to read aloud is “The Wonky Donkey”. It makes us laugh everytime, and my boys like to innocently pass it to a grandparent and watch them try and not get tongue tied reading it! hilarious!

  15. Cheyenne Anderson

    I loved “Go Dog Go” by Dr. Seuss as a child and now my 8 year old daughter loves it too! ❤️

  16. Trish

    We love books in our house too! One of my favourite books to read to my three kids has been “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr Seuss. I got such a thrill when I’d leave out a word in the story and listen to them say it instead! It was awesome to watch them all learn to read this way. My eldest son has dyslexia and struggles with reading, but even he was able to read this book out loud when he was in Grade 4 to his Prep “Buddy”. The repetition of the book really helped him :-). I know we’d LOVE to have some books he can listen to as his dyslexia means he misses out on so many fantastic books that his friends can read :-).

  17. Carol

    Who sank the boat -Pamela Allen
    We love reading a few different books. After going through a reading recovery program at school my son loves reading all sorts of books – Andy Griffins series. My daughter loves reading as well. Lots of books and a variety is what we enjoy!!!

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